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Yearly membership dues are a bargain!  Dues are $15/yr/household or $25 for a 2-year membership.  Join now!

Join the JRNA board!

JRNA’s Board is elected at the annual meeting (March 19, 4:00-6:00 PM at Caspian Grill). Nominations will be accepted up to (and during) the meeting.
There are many reasons you might want to join:

  • Support something you believe in

  • Make an impact on the Junction Ridge neighborhood

  • Share your skills

  • Expand your network

  • Be part of a team


The board makes sure we achieve that purpose by:

  • Ensuring sufficient resources

  • Planning events and activities

  • Overseeing financial and reporting requirements

  • Promoting JRNA to the community to build membership, volunteerism, and participation


Any JRNA member in good standing may run for the board. In order to diversify board membership, we encourage young people, people of color, parents of young children and teens, apartment dwellers, and condo owners to run.


You can nominate yourself or another good candidate by using this form:

Image by Chris Montgomery

If being a board member isn't your thing, there are many other ways to get involved!  

JRNA Volunteer Opportunities

 Whatever your interests are, we are probably working on something you’ll enjoy.  No matter how much time you can contribute (from a few hours a year to a few hours a week), you can find the perfect role at JRNA.


The Good Neighbor Project: Crime prevention and community safety


Friends of the Park and Prairie: Maintaining our shared spaces (Prairies & gardens)


Events and Programs: Providing year-round social, recreational, and learning experiences. (Annual picnic, July 4th Parade, nature walks, crafts for kids…)


Environmental Initiatives: Providing a variety of personal/household actions that will improve the neighborhood and the larger environment. (Recycling, solar…)


Communications: Building a consistent media presence (newsletter, website, others)


Membership: Increasing our members’ sense of community and involvement in the neighborhood.


Fund Raising: Securing enough financial support to cover basic operations and special projects (Events, the Oasis, Good Neighbor Project, printing & postage...)


To get more information about what we’re doing and how you can participate, email

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Are you on Nextdoor yet?  This is a great social media place just for the neighborhood.  Find out about events, items for sale or free, get recommendations for services, ask questions, join a group!  

Click on the House icon to join!

JRNA is also on Facebook.  Join us here:

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