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JRNA Project Leaders

Neighborhood volunteers help us make progress toward our community goals. See who you can get in touch with if you'd like to get involved in one of our community projects.

  • Friends of the Park & Prairie: Lynn Wiskowski

  • Environmental Action: Mukta Nandwani

  • Recycling: Sonja Keesey-Berg

  • Good Neighbor Project: John Freeborg

  • Events & Programs: Jennifer Ondrejka

  • Membership: Amy Schultz

  • Communications: Jennifer Ondrejka (newsletter editor) & Amy Schultz (newsletter designer, website, social media)

  • Fundraising: Jennifer Ondrejka

Block Captains

Block Captains are our neighborhood ambassadors. They hand-deliver important news 2-3 times per year to keep neighbors informed of JRNA events and news.

  • Kathie Newman - Augusta, Oakmont, Castle Pines

  • Sue Jahn - Blackwolf Drive

  • Yiping Liu - Elderberry

  • Volunteer Needed - Hawks Ridge Condos

  • Sonja Keesey-Berg - Condos at Junction Ridge

  • Susan Young - Prairie Point

  • Jane Wendricks - Samuel

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