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City of Madison Engineering Division Podcast “Everyday Engineering”

Here’s something you can cue up first thing Thursday morning for your ride into work, or today for your ride home.

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Leaf-free Streets for Clean Waters resources 

Did you know that more than 50% of the annual amount of phosphorus in urban storm water can come from leaves in the street? When it rains, storm water flows through leaf piles in streets creating a “leaf tea” that is rich in dissolved phosphorus. This "leaf tea" travels through storm sewers making its way to our lakes, rivers and streams. Too much phosphorus can lead to toxic algae blooms, low oxygen levels and green murky waters, none of which are good for animals living in the water or those of us who use it for recreation. Removing street leaves before the rain can greatly reduce the amount of phosphorus that reaches our waters each fall!

Dane County and the Madison Area Municipal Storm water Partnership are encouraging residents to remove street leaves before the rain this fall to protect our waters through our Leaf-free Streets for Clean Waters campaign. 

For more info, visit the Leaf-Free website.  You can sign up to receive Leaf-free Streets Rain Alerts this fall- alerts will be sent (via text or email) 1-2 day before a rain event reminding you when it's time to remove street leaves.

Would you like signs for your yard to help spread the news?  Local sign message- "We're removing street leaves before the rain to protect (Lake Mendota, Lake, Monona, Lake Wingra, Yahara River, etc.). Join Us!".  You can also request door hangers.

To request a supply of signs or door hangers,  contact Christal Campbell /(608) 224-3746.

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