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About Junction Ridge

The Junction Ridge Neighborhood Association’s mission is centered around connecting neighbors through community events and building safe and welcoming spaces for all residents.



Our neighborhood is located on the far west side of Madison, bordered by the Middleton/Madison City limits on the north, West Beltline Highway on the east, Commerce Drive to Watts Road to S. Junction Road to Mineral Point Road on the south, and Pleasant View Road on the west.

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Our Priorities

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Community Building

We provide regular opportunities for neighbors to come together for social and civic activities.

Good Neighbor Project

Our neighbors help each other to prevent crime, increase safety and wellness, and build supportive relationships.

The Environment

We work to improve our city park, maintain the prairies, and educate our residents about recycling, solar power, and other environmental issues.


Our newsletter, news alerts, website, and Facebook page keep our members up to date on neighborhood events, issues, and city policies and services. 

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