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Welcome to the Junction Ridge Oasis!!

A lot of work went into planning, funding, decorating, and planting in and around the new Oasis.  This will be a wonderful meeting area for everyone in the Junction Ridge area!  

Thanks to all on the JRNA Board: Lynn Wiskowski, Mary Belle Heindel, Mutka Nandwani, Amy Schultz, Steve Biederman, Betty Keeney and Lori Scarlett, with a HUGE thanks to the JRNA president, Jennifer Ondrejka. 

Additional thanks to Paul Skidmore for the design, Alonso Landscaping for the construction, H&R Block/Nextdoor for the grant money,  the city of Madison for additional funds, Wisconsin Hardy Plant Society, and your donations!

And thanks to all the volunteers who helped plant flowers, cut down weeks, plant seeds, make stepping stones, and serve and eat treats!

Check out Jennifer's interview!

We also made it on tv here!

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