Prairie Care

A beautiful, 10 acre prairie, studded with rainwater retention ponds, is the centerpiece of the Junction Ridge neighborhood.  The large pond is located behind the homes on the west side of Blackwolf and the prairie extends down past the park to Elderberry Dr.  The prairie and ponds are home to many native plants, birds, and animals.


Invasive plant species are dangerous to our environment. They draw water and minerals from the soil, thus killing the native plants that birds and animals need for food and shelter. Some invasive vines wrap around and "strangle" trees. It's not unusual to find a large oak or maple killed by wild grape vines.  The JRNA is committed to maintaining our prairie and ponds as a natural resource for all our residents. Continually removing invasive species is a key part of this effort. 


Volunteers are providing "Prairie Care" by removing invasive species, planting native species, and keeping the area free of trash.  Our first Prairie Care Day focused on buckthorn trees and smaller weeds on the north side of the ponds. 


Over time we will continue removing invasive plants all around the area, and we will replace the weeds with beautiful native species.


This fall we plan to have a "grand opening" of the newly renovated prairie. People can enjoy walking through the prairie and learning about the plants and wildlife that share our neighborhood.

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